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A lot of Bible coloring pages here.

Hands and Heart Educational Coloring Books

Why use educational coloring books in your home education?

~They allow younger children to participate in an age-appropriate activity that pertains to the subject your family is studying. It keeps them busy and helps them feel involved.

~Educational coloring books with text on the pages make great overviews of the subject at hand. We have used each page in a coloring book as a point in an outline. We use other books and resources to fill in each subject covered in the coloring book. This can help add structure to the study of a topic about which you are unfamiliar.
~Many (most) children need to move and do things. Having a coloring page to color while mom reads out loud will often help the children absorb the material better, since they are seeing, hearing, and doing.
~It can be hard to find just the right picture to make a notebook page, lapbook, mini book, etc. Reproducible coloring books are a wonderful source for that kind of picture. You can even enlarge our reduce the picture to fit your needs.
~The intense concentration to detail that occurs when a child is coloring an educational picture really helps the child to remember and absorb the information.
~ Nature or science related coloring books can be a tremendous help when compiling a nature notebook. Children who prefer not to draw can color and glue in pictures, and young artists can creat a sketch using the coloring page as a reference.

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